How We Are Different

features premium quality 100%  silk scarves  that are timeless and classic and in only vibrant, smart colors so that it’s easy to select the perfect gift for “her”, whether she’s a partner, mom, sister, aunt or friend.

silk scarves have an ideal weight, 12 mommes. This is not too heavy or light. This weight is significant for a silk scarf

silk scarves have optimal dimensions too, 16” x 60”.  This allows them to be used to make the most attractive ties. It is important to keep in mind that subtle aspects of clothing can enhance or ruin a look. Under certain conditions slightly over-sized scarves can work. Today, though, some designers are working with the notion that all over-sized scarves are great. This is simply not the case. There are times when they really detract from a potentially good look.

silk scarves are uniquely qualified to be a great alternative to sending flowers or fruit. And, while comparable (and often somewhat lower in price) to those choices, there are some big advantages: They won’t wilt (as with flowers) or go bad (as with fruit). And every time a recipient wears hers, she’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness!

Give a silk scarf to her* for birthday, anniversary or a holiday in 2017!

*partner, mom, sister, aunt, friend

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