About Us

There are a very small percentage of scarves that women end up wearing year after year. They typically are the ones that are made of the best material, often silk, and have beautiful, classic designs and colors. They are captivating and elegant. These are scarves with fabric weight and dimensions that are ideal. This lets you create the most attractive ties. These have a lovely drape and create just the right amount of accent which ends up transforming outfits into very special ensembles.
The Scarf Boutique brings these types of scarves to you in vibrant, smart colors and in wonderful silk fabrics.
Our scarves make perfect gifts! A silk scarf from The Scarf Boutique makes a great present whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or even "just because", gift. And, what's more, your gift won't wilt (as with flowers) after a week or two, or rot (as with fruit) if it doesn't get eaten. For years to come, your thoughtfulness will be remembered each time The Scarf Boutique scarf from you is worn!

Our founder, Kathleen (Morrison) Gorbach, has been admiring beautiful silk scarves since she was a little girl. Kathy grew up in New England just outside of Boston.  She comes from a family of artists, business entrepreneurs and engineers and began her career in the computer systems side of clothing retail in the 1980s. Kathy held key positions with the largest & most successful off-price retailer  in the world.   Over the following two decades, she became an expert in commercial software engineering and quality assurance.  Leveraging natural and honed skills, in 2008, Kathy formed the Scarfsense design house.  The Scarf Boutique is the primary retail shop for Scarfsense Signature scarves and other scarves that Kathy feels are special.