Is Your Scarf Ready To Be Put On?

Posted by Kathy Morrison Gorbach on 2/28/2018 to Silk Scarves

Once you've picked the scarf you want to wear with an outfit, particularly if its a delicate material, you need to ask yourself, is it wrinkled?  Just as a scarf's colors, design, dimensions and texture really affect the overall look, so would any wrinkles.  Scarves made out of thicker material may not have wrinkles very often.  But scarfs that are delicate, such as 100% silk scarves, can become wrinkled fairly easily.  Hanging them in a steamy bathroom for a little while can solve the problem some of the time. When it doesn't, you need to iron the scarf.

In the case of silk, you can easily damage/scorch the material, if you aren't careful.  Also, you have to make sure you have enough heat (and it needs to be moist) coming from the iron in order to take the wrinkles out.

This video walks you through what works really well for me.

It wasn't all that much extra work, was it?  And look just how beautiful the scarf can be (as long as its draped properly too  :    ):

Need help with draping?  Check out this video!:

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