A pareo is a very attractive swimsuit cover up that takes the place of shorts and a top. These are also referred to as sarongs. There are 4 things to keep in mind: quality of color, design,  fabric and  and finish determine whether you have something special or not.

At The Scarf Boutique, every swim cover up is carefully selected for its beauty, quality and value.   It would be very difficult if not impossible to find  traditional, authentic pareos in as vibrant colors, captivating designs, substantial fabric weight and dimension,  where you normally shop, whether online or in person, unless you are in the South Pacific!

Take a look!

Sarong Orchard Pink - Red
Deep Medium and Light Blue Daisy
Sarong Birdy Purple
Sarong Orange Palm
Dark and Light Purple Hybiscus
Sarong Orchard Calm Blue

For those of you who don't want bother with the traditional pareo ties, you can opt for a no fuss built in tie pareo  for a swimsuit cover up.   We have them in the most popular colors for matching  your existing and future new swimsuits.

The shorter versions are great for allowing the sun to still hit your legs.

Half White Sarong Std
Half Black Sarong Std

The longer versions protect you more and are perhaps more appropriate for post-swim beach or pool-side dining.

Full White Sarong Std
Full Black Sarong Std

Each of these no fuss built in tie pareos come in  a plus "one size fits all".

Half White Sarong Plus
Half Black Sarong Plus
Full White Sarong Plus
Full White Sarong Plus

Are you looking for a gift "for her?" The Scarf Boutique is an authentic scarf boutique. Every  item has been carefully selected for its beauty, quality and value. We have stunning and classic designs coupled with vibrant, smart colors that make it easy to select the perfect gift for her. Sending fruit to her is a good idea, but it can begin to turn in a matter of days. Same thing with a bouquet of flowers. Send one of our scarf products  instead!


Your purchase includes being wrapped in our heavy weight gold striped tissue paper and secured with the boutique's gold foil seal. So, if it's a gift, whether you have us send it or you want to personally deliver it, it will be presented beautifully. Here are more details on our gift delivery

Last but not least, this purchase isn't going to break the bank! We couple having  high quality scarf products with selling them at a fair and reasonable price.


Wondering what a scarf will look like on an actual person, inside and outdoors? Our Youtube channel has videos for our silk scarves so that you'll really know what they look like!