Satin Scarf

Satin scarves are generally NOT silk.  They are often polyester.  That was the kind of satin I experienced during my first 30 years.  It was pretty.  But it wasn't always very soft and it definitely didn't breathe. Then I learned about silk satin.     It's the original and best satin which began to be used during the middle ages, by the wealthy, as they were the only people who could afford it.  This satin is the softest and most luxurious satin fabric, plus it breathes!

The silk scarves in our White Flowers line are silk satin- take a look!:

Here is our entire selection of silk scarves.

The Scarf Boutique is an authentic scarf boutique. Every item has been carefully selected for its beauty, quality and value. We have stunning and classic designs coupled with vibrant, smart colors that make it easy to select the perfect scarf for yourself or as a gift. Sending fruit is a nice idea, but it only lasts a matter of days before it has gone by. Same thing with a bouquet of flowers. Send one of our scarf products instead!


The Scarf Boutique features 100% silk scarves that are incredibly luxurious. They are made with the best silk, in the ideal weight and dimensions for tying. Here are more details:

Your purchase includes being wrapped in our heavy weight gold striped tissue paper and secured with the boutique's gold foil seal. So, if it's a gift, whether you have us send it or you want to personally deliver it, it will be presented beautifully. Here are more details on our gift delivery