Be The First In Your City!

Posted by Kathy Morrison Gorbach on 3/17/2021 to Silk Scarves
Be The First In Your City!
Scarfsense Signature 100% silk scarves are comparable to the best designer brands which include Hermes, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci. The former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Deborah Birx  is now wearing mine! 

Here she is (above) during a recent newscast interview.  It looks like she may have opted to tie the scarf into a classic bow and simply moved it to one side rather than wearing the bow directly in front.  This shows you how to make a classic bow tie.

Is Your Scarf Ready To Be Put On?

Posted by Kathy Morrison Gorbach on 2/28/2018 to Silk Scarves

Once you've picked the scarf you want to wear with an outfit, particularly if its a delicate material, you need to ask yourself, is it wrinkled?  Just as a scarf's colors, design, dimensions and texture really affect the overall look, so would any wrinkles. 

Don't Ruin Your Scarf's Potential

Posted by Kathy Morrison Gorbach on 2/27/2018 to Silk Scarves

A scarf is essentially wearable art.  And as such, you need to make sure its draped properly while wearing one so that it looks as beautiful as possible and realizes its potential.

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