The Beauty of A Sarong Tied This Special Way

Posted by Kathy Morrison Gorbach on 9/10/2016 to Sarongs
The Beauty of A Sarong Tied This Special Way
I pay a lot of attention to details and desire beauty and high quality in all things I'm involved with.   It can really work for me at work and with hobbies (like my ground up Jaguar E-Type restoration) and also as a consumer.  And, certainly for The Scarf Boutique and the Scarfsense brand, these natural tendencies are a big asset.  For good or bad: Its not one of those things you turn on and off.  It's always on! 

So, when I first discovered sarongs in Tahiti over 20 years ago, while I loved their overall look, it was really apparent that there were a lot of sarong and pareo prints that had poor colors and designs. Also, it was apparent that a number of the ways the sarongs were being worn were a lot less attractive than one or two really gorgeous ties. So, when I opened my own scarf boutique, we were going to have the most beautiful, authentic prints and colors for the sarongs! AND, we were going to show you how to make the BEST sarong ties. This is my most favorite sarong tie (its a sun dress!):


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