The Three Ss

There are the "three Ss" to keep in mind when making a silk scarf purchase. They are Spots, Shade and Substance.

Spots. Some material designed with a leopard print theme can have spots that are too big or too small or in not a very attractive pattern. The overall effect of this is often that the material is anything but flattering. It is can sometimes even end up looking ugly.

Shade. The deliberate use of unnatural colors rarely works well. Even when an attempt is being made to make the colors look natural, the shades may not be working, at all.

Substance. This relates to both the scarf's shape or dimensions as well as the kind of fabric being used. It is important to remember that subtle aspects of clothing can enhance or ruin a look. Under certain conditions slightly over-sized scarves can work. Today, though, some designers are working with the notion that all over-sized scarves are great. This is simply not the case. There are times when they really detract from a potentially good look. Additionally, if the fabric being used for the scarf is not high quality, the scarf can look cheap or tacky. This becomes even more likely with a scarf that is over-sized, has a substandard leopard print on a light and gauzy cotton or rayon material.

Have no fear. You will find none of these problems with the Scarfsense leopard print silk scarf!  We ensured that the Spots, Shade and Substance are ideal so that it will look absolutely stunning on, no matter how you drape and tie the scarf.  The unique pattern for the  overall design is an important factor here. Take a look:

Additionally we have a gorgeous Jaguar Print Scarf (this is also referred to as our Animal Print Scarf) which has the same beautiful symmetrical design.