Wrap Yourself Stylishly!

Posted by Kathy Morrison Gorbach on 9/10/2016 to Pashmina
Wrap Yourself Stylishly!

When the weather starts to get cool in New England (sometime in August every year), I start to pull out warmer clothing, in addition to sweaters. It took me a while to try this kind of clothing the first time.  Now that I have, I wear these a lot: Pashmina Wraps.  This article summarizes what I like about them.

Pashmina and silk wraps are especially nice because they are quite soft and give you just enough warmth to take care of you when its chilly outside or in a room that's being air conditioned. They also are not bulky and can fit easily into many of today's purses.

This kind of wrap tends to be a lot prettier than wraps made of other materials (like wool) due to the delicate sheen of the silk and the intricate weaves that are often used, in addition to the type of tasseling done:

And because of the lovely draping you can so easily do, this wrap tends to enhance the outfit you are wearing.

My favorite wrap is this Black Wrap because it goes with just about everything, particularly during the fall and winter.

Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, this Red Wrap gets the most use and receives a lot of compliments!

For spring and summer or a  Caribbean cruise in the winter, nothing beats this Orange Yellow Wrap  especially with white or olive clothes. 

One thing I do with these wraps which I don't do with any other scarf product is, I use them as toppers on bureaus. Fold them in half and voila, your dresser looks extra nice, whether its in the master, guest or a child's bedroom!

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