Be The First In Your City!

Posted by Kathy Morrison Gorbach on 3/17/2021 to Silk Scarves
Be The First In Your City!
My Scarfsense Signature 100% silk scarves are comparable to the best designer brands which include Hermes, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci and mine are at a fraction of their price! The former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Deborah Birx who, as you probably know, has exquisite silk scarves, is now wearing mine!

The scarf is actually the very first I designed!  It's called White Flowers With Black and is really elegant-  so perfect for important business meetings and special occasions. 

It's a timeless and classic design and set of colors that will never go out of style.  It's not a fad or fast fashion.   Many people are beginning to focus on slow fashion today.   Its about selecting fashion that is high quality and therefore long lasting.  When you can add classic and timeless designs to this, you'll WANT to wear it for many years!  Slow fashion clothing is thought to be more sustainable (you are buying and using less) and therefore preferable. 

The image (above) shows Dr. Birx in the White Flowers With Black Scarfsense Signature 100% silk scarf  during an recent interview.

It looks like Dr. Birx used a Classic Bow tie.  And rather than keeping it directly in front, she simply brought it to one side.  If you'd like to know how to create this tie, the steps are here:  How To Tie A Scarf.

Be the first person in your city or town to wear a Scarfsense Silk Scarf! 

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