Mothers Day Gifts

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Silk Scarves

Mother's Day is one of her favorite holidays. So, it would be really nice if you could find Mothers Day gifts that she would love and could use for future occasions. You've come to the right place! We have silk scarves that will be perfect for this!

Don't let anyone fool you. The silk fibers that are woven to create the fabric cause silk scarves to be much softer and more vibrant than ones made of cotton and other materials.

And, for silk scarves, ours are among the very best. Our Scarfsense silk scarves have an ideal weight, 12 mommes. Not too heavy, not too light. This is considered a significant weight for a silk scarf, today. It costs more to manufacture a silk scarf in this weight. Therefore, scarves like this are not widely available, but can sometimes be found at higher end retail establishments. Note that if you can find them in these places, they are generally twice our price and often higher!

We also feature optimal dimensions that are longer and wider than what you'll find elsewhere. This allows the scarves to be used to make the most attractive ties: Tie A Scarf!

The scarves shown above are Crepe Satin Plain silk, the softest you can get.

White Flowers with Blue

White Flowers with Magenta

White Flowers with Black

Crepe de Chine fabric has a flatter, more textured finish. Here are two examples of lovely silk scarves made of this material:

Leopard Essence 

Green Winter Essence

The Scarf Boutique is an authentic scarf boutique. Every item has been carefully selected for its beauty, quality and value. We have stunning and classic designs coupled with vibrant, smart colors that make it easy to select the perfect gift for her.

Your purchase includes being wrapped in our heavy weight gold striped tissue paper and secured with a gold foil seal. We know how much it helps you when Mothers Day gifts are wrapped for you! So, whether you have us send it or you want to personally deliver it, it will be presented beautifully. Here are more details on our gift delivery

Last but not least, this special scarf purchase isn't going to break the bank! We couple having the highest quality silk scarves with very reasonable pricing, every day. Our silk scarves, for example, can sell for 1 to 2 times more elsewhere, if something comparable were available.